| FTBL Who will be at the Bama/Ark game next week?


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There is an outside chance that I will get to cash in some air miles and get to go with my Dad...keeping fingers crossed!
bpcolburn said:
I'll be in the band ready to go!

Do you play the skin flute? Sorry, couldn't resist. I had an instructor in college always ask me that. (bastard) :twisted:

Seriously what instrument? I loved the show last week with a little CDB at half-time and the Dave Mathews during pre-game. You guys sounded great!
i might be there. nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but we may be going to tailgate.

we don't have (or ever get) tickets, but we may go and do some tailgating and watch the game on the big screen on the quad.

i'm up for it, but it depends on everyone else whether or not we go.

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