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Who should play OSU for the BCS title?

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Michigan or Florida?

I was tough on Florida this season, and I only got to see the last 10 minutes of the game last night, but they made thier case IMO for a #2 ranking. I'm not real sure though wcich deserves the shot at Ohio St. I'm probably still leaning to Michigan.

What say you?
Michigan IMO is a better team than Florida, that being said, I say Florida should be #2 in the BCS. I have no problem with Michigan being #2 in the Coach's and AP polls, but not the BCS. Michigan can't be 2nd in their own conf. and still get the BCS champ. game. Not when Florida won 12 and their conf.
I feel that Florida's defense would fare better than Michigan's. Mich gave up 41 (i think) the first go 'round. Id like to see what Florida can do.

All in all, its probably a moot point. I see OSU whipping whoever they play.
I say Florida, Ohio State already beat Michigan, and if Michigan beats Ohio State this time and Florida wins their Bowl Game how can they justify giving it to Michigan over Florida or Ohio State? We might have a co-champ this year if you think about it. The BCS sucks raw eggs!
I think that UF should be number two for the same reason that BC35 said. I think that Florida's defense could limit OSU to less than 41 points, and therefore have a great shot at stopping them. I just wanna see an SEC team get a shot. There's no reason that they shouldn't, at least in my opinion.
florida I think is much better if you look at the stats yea I know that mich almost beat ohio state but come on they lost their conf. and Ive already seen mich. and ohio state play once I dont want to see a rematch.
UM has already played OSt. Give UF their due now. The BCS is just as bad as anything. I'm not much to a playoff but this is looking better then this crap.
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