| FTBL Who do you wanna see lose more??

Who do you wanna see lose more??

  • barners vs GT

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  • BAMA vs Mtsu (for the barner fans)

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I even gave ya the option to vote for BAMA...vatz and you didn't take it and for what its worth I voted for UAB and for once we agree I hate ucheat but UAB won't be able to hold them off all day and they will win in the second half..

I wouldnt want Bama to lose to MTSU...it would really make our conference look bad if y'all did :( I expect y'all to blow them out.


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Seeing Tutorsee lose makes my dang week! 8) And if it were to UAB, well, that might just make two weeks! :lol: But most of ya'll know my views on them anyway.
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