| FTBL Which loss would you give back?

If you could give back one loss, which game would it be?

  • Florida Loss

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Arkansas was the most painful loss for me personally (outside of the Iron Bowl losses) since the OT's vs. them and UT in '03. Just painful! :(
Arkansas may of been painful...but a Florida Win could of turned our season around and gave the Offense some hope. :?
Arkansas, no doubt. I live out here and to hear them talk you would think they dominated the game from start to finish, and Mitch Mustain will win Heisman next year. :shock:
I'd love to have the arkansas game back,And stick it up there ass..
The crimson tide should have never lose that game,But because of our ass minded kicking game we did...
Ever since the game the razorbacks have talked trash,And they think there god's team..
I hope and pray auburn kicks the crap out of arkansas this weekend and that pussy razorback QB....
Fact is, I was much more bitter after the Arkansas game. Bama should have won that one.

On the other hand, anytime you can beat Florida in the Swamp when they are ranked is awesome...

Can I have them both?
The impact of the Arky game costs me 5 yrs of my life, so you know which on I'm voting for.

I haven't been that angry since the 2003 UT game (the 5 OT game where we had them 4th and about a million and they converted).
I'd rather have the win over Arkansas. You never know when you might need a head-to-head win over an SEC West team to break a tie to get into the championship game.
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