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ncksatwell said:
Anyone have any updates on our Freshman class? Who is coming in the summer or fall? Any casualties?
i'm pretty sure Kerry Murphy will be a casualty, not really sure on any others.

on a side note, i've been interested to see some of the things our incoming freshmen are going to major in. it seems like there is a move being made to get away from easier classes and these guys are majoring in things like business and marketing, etc.
I haven't heard anything on Kerry Murphy in a while, and last I had heard was that he had a chance to make it but that he had some work to do. Since we have not heard anything yet, I would imagine that there wasn't any good news to report. I'm not sure about Hargrave, but most other schools are out for the summer and already have their grades to show whether or not they would qualify.
Murphy & Lawrence

The 2 guys I am the most curious about are Kerry Murphy and Alonzo Lawrence. Murphy's coaches don't seem to think he will make it to the Capstone this fall, but anything can happen. Lawrence was reportedly qualified until his ACT score was red-flagged, so he may have to re-take it. Hopefully, both of these guys will make it, but these are the only ones I know are very questionable right now!
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