| FTBL What a shocker - FSU LB reinstated

I knew that would happen the second I heard he was arrested.

suspended indefinitely means until the next game. Hey but he wont start! :roll:

Who's running that show? Mike Shula- get the kid an ice cream cone.
This means only one thing to me. F.S.U. is coming lights out into this game. Essentially Bob Bowden must see this as a bowl game or a big game and in a way that is a compliment to Alabama.
Funny that you guys are criticizing a coach for not suspending players.

My understanding about this FSU and Alabama match-up is that this is one of the all-time games on Bobby Bowden's list that he always wanted to play. Sort of a "things I want to do before I die" list, and playing Alabama is at the top of his list.

Which, yes, should indicate that he definitely sees this as a bowl game and a big game as a compliment to Alabama. This may be one of the biggest games in his career in his mind.
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