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alabama mike

Just Win Baby!
I had just walked in to our library at school to get a Columbus Dispatch from the librarian. She always had a paper for me to read during my planning period and always had the TV on. We both made small talk for just a few minutes when NBC interrupted local programming to announce the first plane hit the WTC. As we continued to watch, another plane hit and we both knew that we were under attack. Later the Pentagon was hit and Flight 93 went down in Pennsylvania.

Parents came to school in masses to check students out. Colleagues all gathered in the library or some classrooms to watch on TV's mounted on carts. Students who could not go home that day sat in disbelief at what they were seeing on TV.

Like most, as soon as I got home that afternoon, I sat transfixed to the TV and watched until the early morning hours of the next morning. At school on 9/12, an assembly was held as teachers, administrators and junior high students shared their feelings.
I was in the E&I shop at Miller Steam Plant for break when it came on the TV. The first tower had been hit and they were saying it was a plane crash up until the 2nd one hit, then everybody knew it was terrorist. Pretty much shut our day down and being at a power plant kind of created a sense of "we could be next" concerns throughout the plant.
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