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Was anyone as impressed as I was with the JPW to Julio pass for the touchdown? The pass, the catch, the overall execution was great. Couldn't have asked for better. I was extremely impressed by the pass and catch.
JPW got it together this game and was right on the money with his throws to the end-zone. The pass to Maze in the first quarter was also thrown perfectly and if not for the pass interference, would have been a TD.
Before the game I was watching highlights of other games and saw a similar pass ( i don't know who) and thought, wow I wish we could make a pass like that... and boom we did. :)
I agree...our play calling is awesome :wink: I have a feeling we will see some new stuff each week...especially in the LSU game. As for Julios catch...simply awesome...and of course the pass has to be perfect and it was...I think JPW can throw that deep corner ball as good as anyone.
Our new OC is getting it done and I think he and JPW are a good match.
I also think that if given the time JPW can pick you apart as good if not better than any QB in the SEC.
I really beleive that if we can avoid any serious injuries and the guys keep their heads straight. I know that's alot to hope for....BUT if that happens, I see NC written all over this year!!
I mean who can stop this team when they come to play???
I haven't seen anybody. MAYBE LSU and MAYBE USC, but I think the boys from BAMA can handle them too. I'm really looking forward to some payback in Death Valley!! Whos' with me??????????
What I loved most about the first drive was the different looks and motions we gave. I knew we'd see some movement to confuse the UGA D. Never knew it would be near perfect textbook play calling. Was a thing of beauty to watch. By the second drive the D did not know what to think. They thought run and we would pass and visa versa. McElwain is the man! cool8)
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