| FTBL Victor Ellis: A Tribute to a Crimson Warrior

Brought tears to my eyes. :( Truly a great guy on and off the field. I attended UA the same time he did and you could tell that he was raised by good people and was also very smart.
Billie Bob said:
Brought tears to my eyes.

No kidding! I know I joke around a lot about Jay Barker, JPW and such but this one really hurts. I don't even know the guy, but I guess because he was "one of us" I feel like I do. He was obviously very admired.

For some reason I help out hope long ago that he would beat this even though the odds were very slim. Only God knows and understands His plans. He's going to have to help me on this one. :(

Thanks for the video Terry.
Here is an article on him as well with some quotes of former teammates and coaches...




That one really tore me up. That picture of him in front of the 12 National Titles picture really hit me hard and I don't even know the man. He is certainly a snapshot of everything RIGHT with the University of Alabama.

It is not for me to question God's plan but it has become clear to me over the year that God allows all things to happen to glorify Him.

We miss you Victor. Be assured you will always be a star at Alabama. Roll Tide and tell Bear I said hello.
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