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Taken from ESPN article By Chris Fowler... http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/columns/story?columnist=fowler_chris&id=3699793

• Alabama would be an underdog against any of the Big 12 teams it could face. Texas Tech or Texas would be rated about a touchdown favorite and Oklahoma would be favored by 8½. USC would be an 11-point pick over the Tide in by far the most lopsided (on paper) potential title game.

• The Trojans, in fact, would be favored over all potential BCS opponents. OU would be a 2½-point underdog to USC, Texas Tech a 4-point dog, and Texas 5½ points. One of the most evenly matched title games would be USC and Florida, with the Gators a 1½-point underdog.

• Florida would be favored against all teams except USC, with Oklahoma versus Florida a near toss-up.

I love how the MIGHTY Trojans get so much love from Vegas and the media... you think these guys would eventually learn there is more to a team than just hype and talent. Don't get me wrong, I'm just saying things like good coaching, being prepared, and a team's heart and chemistry are always overlooked. We are not a "sexy" team, we just go out and play ball control offense and good defense and that obviously makes us an overrated team, undeserving of our ranking. Sounds like '92 all over again to me. I for one like the fact that we would be an underdog to whoever we could play, if we get the chance. We seem to perform better in that role. Roll Tide Roll!
I understand the media giving soo much love to USC and so forth.. but Vegas is in it for the $$$, you'd think they would be more realistic.
Vegas makes money by getting even betting on both sides from the public.

They set lines based on how they think the public will bet
RollTideRandy said:
and the fact that Vegas has more visitors from LA than any other city at any even time probably has a lot to do with their USC bias.

Make no mistake, the only bias Vegas has is toward making money. Lenny's right, it has less to do about what will actually happen than what people are likely to bet on what will happen. If you're not actually betting, Vegas lines are largely unreliable for predicting anything.
I HOPE we are the underdog. It will be that much sweeter when we kick Florida's teeth in and then march on to spank whatever pansie team is picked to play us in a National Championship. I don't care if it is the USC fighting metrosexuals, or the OSU lucky nuts/beans (whatever they are), or the other team from Texas. Bring them on!

If you like to bet, you have made a boat-load, if you bet on Bama this year. I don't expect that trend to change anytime soon. It's in the players' eyes, if you look closely. You know..The 1000 yard stare. You think the attitude doesen't account for much? Go talk to the some of the players and see if that doesen't change.

Before the season, I heard someone ask coach if he thought we were a year or two from being a legitimate contender. His reply was "No....With htis bunch..I think we will win it all this year." This was obviously not to be shouted from a mountain top to the media, but it told me that Saban had confidence in our kids to do what they needed to do in order to at least get a Title shot.
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