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Heads up to people buying tickets for the game this weekend.
The University of Georgia Police Department is warning football fans of a possible ticket counterfeiting scam for the Georgia-Alabama game on Saturday.

Law enforcement officials reported a large number of counterfeit tickets were sold during the Auburn-LSU game at Auburn, Ala., last Saturday, according to UGA police, who said the phony tickets were such good reproductions that it was difficult even for athletic staff to verify them as fakes without extensive examination.

UGA police say they have “good reason to believe that the University of Georgia/Athens community may be targeted this weekend.”

Fans are encouraged this weekend not to buy game tickets from people they don’t know.

They were talking on the local sports talk show this morning about counterfeit tickets at last weekends AU vs LSU game.

A lady who's family has several season tickets to AU's games went to their seats and a bunch of LSU fans were already in them. They had bought their tickets from scalpers. Come to find out, there were around 40 people that had tickets to the exact same 5 or 6 seats.
Big_Fan said:
Counterfeit tickets to see a team with a counterfeit #3 ranking?

the_rolltide said:
Doemasters said:
the_rolltide said:
Doemasters said:
i am just Porter sent me mine

How did you get those? WOW!!! Is that the Fifty yard line?

he said pressbox

Impossible Porkchop said he was giving ME pressbox tickets!!! :shock:

Uh Oh. If you buy a ticket from Porter, you might have to get them checked out. I can see the 40 people now, fighting over the same press box seat. :D
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