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bama alum

My wife and I have been in PCB all week. We were going to come home tomorrow, but with Barry coming in, we decided to beat the rush and leave this morning. We stopped for lunch in Enterprise, and while we were there the weather report about Barry had come on. They were focusing, of course, on NOLA, but I was watching PCB to kind of - I don't know - justify our leaving. There was a large red/orange blob over PCB. I felt better.

A friend of mine shared these fb pics from a local PCB page. Yeah, we made the right call. It sux, but I guess I'm glad we did.


I mean, obviously you wouldn't have to reach far to grab your beer. (shrug!)
There are a lot (lot equals...LOT!) of places that are waiting for help from the insurance companies. There is an apartment complex adjacent to Bayou Joe's that is still in shambles.
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