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Without persistence, principles are meaningless.
- Malcolm Gladwell

While in Alaska last week, I borrowed a copy of The Bomber Mafia from the ship's library. It's a quick read, and I think an even more abbreviated version is available through his talks/podcasts. I really enjoy military history books, and this one qualifies, but with a leadership/human behavior twist.
How big was that? Never thought there was a such thing.

A good book and a good beer is a thing.
It was pretty impressive for the size of the ship (Westerdam, 1900 passengers), probably a couple thousand books. The nonfiction section was a fairly small portion of the offerings, but they would highlight certain books with multiple copies. When I snagged The Bomber Mafia, there were four copies of it available. I was able to read it in the mornings before my wife was up, and if she went off to something onboard that didn't interest me. Beer was involved in the latter, usually Icy Bay IPA by Alaska Brewing. That quickly became my onboard go-to, and I was able to visit their in-town location when I was in Juneau.

Do Holland America cruise ships have libraries?

Accompanying the new sports and art facilities, modern libraries are being added throughout the fleet in 2023 and 2024. A curated collection of over 250 titles comprised of a wide range of contemporary popular fiction, mystery, young adult and short stories fill the more than 1,500 book collection on each ship. Mar 2, 2023
From an article today on Thomas Sowell, one of my favorite thinkers:

The growing influence and arrogance of the social-justice crowd bothers Mr. Sowell, which is one of the reasons he wrote the book. “Someone once said that people on the political left think that they would do what God would do if he were as well-informed as they are,” he says. He’s especially vexed by the quashing of dissent. “The fatal danger of our times today is a growing intolerance and suppression of opinions and evidence that differ from the prevailing ideologies that dominate institutions, ranging from the academic world to the corporate world, the media and government institutions,” he writes. “Many intellectuals with high accomplishments seem to assume that those accomplishments confer validity to their notions about a broad swath of issues ranging far beyond the scope of their accomplishments.”
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