| FTBL This USF / Rutgers game is a dandy

I'm pulling for the Knight too. I have nothing against South Fla. but I have always like the Rutgers team.
But nothing stand close to ours Bama teams.
I guess this makes BC number 2. I hate to say it, but I hope Michigan beats the snot out of OSU, just so no one from the Big 11 gets a shot at the title.
bamabass23 said:
Tider 27 said:
Great Thursday night game, hated the outcome for USF though.

Does the outcome make a big difference in the LSU-Auburn game Saturday night?

Of course...we always need AU to lose. :wink: Actually the winner of AU/LSU will probably go on to win the SEC West.

I'm not trying to discount us. I'd love for Alabama to be in ATL (it has been way too long!), but realistically to get through UT, LSU, MSU and AU will be a huge challenge.

With the way college football is going these days the winner of the AU/LSU game could still have another loss and open the door for the loser. The winner will definitely control its own destiny though.
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