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The two guy that did the game. I didn't mind when we play others team on CBS. But I know out of the 60 min game. Tim name was on each other tongue for about 45 min of the game. Or his face was on the tube.
These two guys couldn't keep ours team straight. I think CBS need to get some young blood to do these game for next year.

Before any Gator fan come on here thinking I'm downgrading Tim Tebow. I'm not i hope him the best.
Uncle Verne hasnt been too bad this season but Danielson is always bashing the Tide. Hopefully, next year when we are playing in Atlanta again, he will not be on the broadcast.
I can understand that Rick, but look at it in this way as well.

Tebow did win the Heisman last year and played a hell of a game today.

With the exception of a few guys on our team, most are virtually unknown until now.
^^ But he doesn't play for Alabama! You're not supposed to say other teams have good players or....

"...Danielson is always bashing the Tide."

In this day, SEXY sales. BAMA ain't SEXY, to most.

I have resigned myself to accept that THING 1 and THING 2 are not here for the likes of us.

I just found it delightfully to hear the depths of their LACK of professionalism when their yapping slows down when the game is not going their way.
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