| BSB/SB "There's no cryin' in baseball." But, you gotta feel for the guy. Good ball club.

A simple separation between the P4's and the G's solves all of this. I'll tell ya...I watched that team a half a dozen times this season, maybe seven or eight. A good ball team.

But doesn't that mean a team like them could never make the College World Series and face the big boys? Coastal Carolina never wins it in this case, correct? Cal State Fullerton and Fresno State neither, correct?
A D2 title means less?

Not as much as winning a D1 title. My point was, Coastal Carolina beat them all, but never would have been given the chance here. At what point does a D-1AA National Championship for North Dakota State not mean as much because of their domination over the rest? Also knowing there is a level above still left to conquer like a video game. My 10U moved up in baseball because we were not challenged in AA and most AAA games, so we went Major to test ourselves and not ring chase. That's much easier than moving a college program up with the requirements, but especially with the power conferences reigning supreme now.
Got to hate it for the team! Like @Brandon Van de Graaff said in another thread, the committee often puts too much stock into the conference tournaments instead of their whole body of work. Now, I don’t know their RPI, SOS, or KPI, so that could’ve hurt them as well. I saw where Kyle Peterson called for an expansion to the field to include 8 more schools and have them play a “play-in” game on Thursday at the Top 8 host sites and then start the double elimination round that Friday.
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