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Well, fear might only apply to one team...Georgia. Yes, I will fear them next year if they continue on their current path. They had a freshman running back, freshman on their O-line, a sophomore QB, etc... Young guys everywhere.

And we all know how their recruiting is going. They are truly reloading every year with top-notch talent. I don't know how Richt has done it all. After this season you can't even count on Florida to beat them every year. :?

Truly a great time to be living in Georgia. :roll:
I think they'll be favored to win the East next season (and will do so).

So, who to fear in the west? Ugh, it gives me great pain to say Auburn. If Auburn's offense catches up with Auburn's defense we're all in trouble. Tubby won't have a top 5 class, but when does he ever? He has built his AU career on strong top 10-20 classes and then employs a stable, very talented coaching staff. Some teams may recruit top 5 but coach top 20. Tubby (well, actually his OC and DC) recruit top 10-20 and coach top 5.

Saban has his job cut out for him. The SEC will be as tough as ever. Can it be done? Of course, just look at the talent not only lining up to play for UA and Saban but those that we're pretty much turning away. :shock:

I think we all know it probably won't be in 2008 though. At least that's the way I'm preparing.
I'm with you. Georgia looks scary. Moreno might be the best back to come through the SEC in a while. I thought they should have played Ohio State this year. I think if they played LSU right now they would mop the floor with them.
Anyone that doesn't think Georgia was making their case as to why they should have been in the title game... well... just doesn't think like I do. Which, in this case, is a bad thing.
That is a big if, when considering the spread offense. It does take some talent to employ it. Georgia will be a beast but I am not saying I fear Aubrun at all. Neither should Bama.

Next year will not be the year but I feel we see an offense and defense that strives for more. Its an overall perspective. I mean the sec is always tough no need to fear anyone. You go out and play. If you prepare and play 110% you have a chance. We all saw a sparks of it in the first half but we also saw what many years of slacking have produced.
It's all about recruiting. Georgia has had a top 10 recruiting class since at least 2002 according to Rivals. It was a real coup when Mark Richt stole Rodney Garner from Phattimus and basically closed down the GA borders to UT.

The thing BAMA fans need to keep in mind is even with all of the success in recruiting that UGA has had, they still had rebuilding years along the way like last year when they lost to Vandy and UK. The UGA fans were ready to can Willie Martinez but because they didn't, they are ready to crown Martinez "King of DC's" after his defense shut down UH's potent offensive attack last night. Consistency, even from the assistants on the staff, will go a long way in determining our success in future years, just like recruiting.
This is certainly a bad time to pickup Georgia on the schedule. Honestly, I don't want to pick up any Eastern division team. They will be loaded down next season and for years to come needless to say. In the near future the west will be just the same. With the good guys hopefully at the top with best.
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