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I don't know if this has occurred to anyone else but looking back over our schedule we have already faced 2 teams with an off week preceeding their meeting with the Tide and we will face 3 more starting with LSU. Arkansas was off on Sep 8th, FSU Sep 22, LSU obviously Oct 27, Miss st is off this weekend and the barn will be off Nov 17.

Now I know there is a huge debate on whether or not an off weekend helps or hurts your team and I can see both sides. I think early in the season it could be just as easily a negative for a team with a lot of momentum, but late in the season when injuries have taken their toll and you know more about what your opponents strengths and weaknesses, it seems an off week would give a huge advantage.
Yeah, I personally hate looking at our schedule every year and seeing many of our arch rivals with bye weeks just before we play them. But I'm not sure it is always an advantage though. Like you said about momentum. It is an easy thing to lose when you're not playing. That's one thing you see during bowl season a lot too. Teams that play like gangbusters during the season get that long 2 or 3 week layoff and often come out looking like a completely different team. Not in a good way either.

I know it's apples and oranges and not really the same thing, but I'm coaching flag football for kids this year and we're coming off a bye week too. In practice we just look out of sync. I know that when I coached soccer I always hated the bye weeks because it seemed like the kids lose a lot of focus or hunger or whatever you want to call it, during that time. I would imagine that college kids probably suffer from that as well, to a degree.

I think byes are good if you need to heal up but that is the only positive about them in my opinion.
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