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Over the last ten years, what is our record against
our top rivals?

Auburn ___________

Tennessee ___________

LSU ______________

Arkansas _____________

Florida _________________

Georgia ______________
Re: The last 10 years---fill in the blank

Over the last ten years, our record against our top rivals are as follows:

Auburn 0-5
Tennessee 2-3
LSU 1-4
Arkansas 2-3
Florida 1-1
Georgia 0-2

6-18 overall.
bamatommy said:
I went to www.rolltide.com and this is what I got from their official archives:

Arkansas 4-6

Auburn 3-7

Florida 2-2

Georgia 0-2

LSU 3-7

Tennessee 2-8

That's pretty sad.

I misread your post. I did it for just 5 years, I guess because of Auburn's recent dominance (Lord, I hate that word!). Ain't good whether 5 or 10 years, is it?
bamatommy said:
Tider 27 said:
Well this thread is depressing...

I disagree. We're going to be much more competitive with all these teams now. Auburn, Tennessee and LSU need to savor their recent dominance, because the time when that changes is near.

True, but I'm still depressed. :lol:
The past 10 years did have their moments. We had 3 10 win seasons and a SEC championship. What is sad is the down years were really down. We are in a pattern of dropping below .500 after a 10 win season. When we should be winning 8 or 9 games in the off years.
bamafan said:
Tider 27 said:
Well this thread is depressing...

no kidding :roll:

I think Coach Saban would say delete this thread immediately! Something like "Relative to what you have to do to be the best fans you can be and remain positive in everything you do relative to thinking about the Alabama Football program, aight?"
The amazing thing in all this is look at what we've done off the field in the past 10 years.

Many of you wouldn't even recognize the campus 10 years ago relative to today because of all the new additions and improvements. We've sold out the stadium year after year; Tide Pride has had a waiting list (except in the very lowest levels) for years; and the stadium has had a major renovation/addition. We've raised 50 million+ in private donations with Mal's capital campaign.

Just as depressing as the win/loss stats are the other stats are that much more impressive all while performing mediocre at best much of the time.

With Saban here the Tide is rising. :)
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