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First of all..ROLL TIDE!!

Am I the only one that noticed how tired the Bama Defense was late in the second half? We seemed to be getting whipped up front and weren't getting any push at at all on the Ark OL. And we weren't able to pressure Dick the whole night. Did we have a sack?
we put pressure on him but didn't sack him. the defense got really tired mainly when the offense turned the ball over twice really quickly and then had a quick three and out. thats when Arkansas got back into it. there isnt enough depth on our 'D' to be turning it over a whole lot.
I think the "D" got tired b/c of McFadden. The man is a beast and he's gonna get his yards regardless.
The big Arkansas comeback was mainly due to McFadden running over the defense. Over time, we just got tired.

9 times outta 10 a defenese won't get very tired against an "air attack", b/c no physical punishment is given with a pass. However, with a physical back like McFadden...it's gonna happen.

A big ROLL TIDE for the win, but credit to McFadden for taking on an entire defense. Can't wait to watch him run all over Auburn.

D was just exhausted, several times we had the angle on McFadden and he still ran past. They were just sucking too much wind to be as effective in the 4th quarter.
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