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For those who don't know.

A lot of people have been watching the Crimson Tide rebuild for the last 22 months, and not all of them like what they've seen. Some of those observers -- including coaches and fans of other schools -- have been watching closely to see how the rebuilding has been done.

So closely, one person who supports another school said, he has hired a private investigator to probe Alabama's recruiting practices.

So closely, two Alabama officials said, that another school turned in Alabama on Brandon Gibson. For the record, that official said, he doesn't think Auburn blew the whistle.

Yikes, it's scary when people are doing anything to bring the program down. Hopefully, we keep our nose clean.
Im no expert by any stretch on all these NCAA violations ...but this seems to me to be as far down on the petty scale as one can go. No big secret Bama is on the NCAA's most wanted list and always has been...Ill just say this...All schools violate these rules to some degree IMO at some point..and If the NCAA wants to punish..they need to do it equally across the board for all schools. Its almost like they look at Bama with a microscope and other schools with a closed eye :roll: Playing and recruiting well draws even more microscopes...
You know, I've thought alot about what all has gone on at Alabama over the years since we got busted for Albert Means out in Memphis. Compliance has certainly become more out-front and proactive in it's approach. Certainly, they can't keep up with everyone and everything that takes place.

But the NCAA proved one thing if nothing else as a result of that first investigation back in 1994 about Antonio Langham: that they will look past all evidence and in the absence of evidence at all, will look to hammer Alabama at all costs. There are some other schools too that they treat more harshly, but Bama's near the top.

I think we've got the tightest compliance dept. in D1-A. But we actually have to play above the letter of the law because of the scrutiny we are under, and will be under because of our performances of late. Remember, Bob Stoops runs a great program out at OU, another school who's been hammered in the past, but they got very close to deep, deep trouble a few years ago themselves. Our enemies will resort to anything they can to bring us down.
why as an alabama fan i'm surprised about this?i getting sick and tired of this stuff. everytime alabama start to get better all of a sudden we are under some kind of investagation or someone is trying to get us. and i'm sorry i don't think any other school get treated like we do from the ncaa. if it would been alabama with the reggie bush issue we wouldn't be playin football right now at the school.
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