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At the beginning of the season, one of my softball buddies (and an LSU fan) bet me 50 bucks that we wouldn't win seven games this season.. I quickly shook his hand and said.. "Ill give you 9 games cuz 7 would be too easy!" Well everyone thought I was crazy at the time, but they ain't laughing now.. We have now gone double or nothing for next week @LSU. Call me crazy or confident.. Roll Tide Baby!
A nice little gamble

So, back during March Madness 07, I bet one of my Dads friends from the last 30 years $500 on the Iron Bowl and took the Tide(btw, first real bet ever on that game, always been skeptical, since I was old enough to comprehend math), and bet him my $1500 to his $500 that Auburn would not win the SEC championship. Boy, do I feel like a champ now.

Let's hope he pays up cause this guy needs to get back into school!!!

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