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BOL reported earlier today that RS fresh OL Alex Stadler had left the team. Obvious guess for reasons why would be lack of PT but thats just my guess. I liked Stadler while we were recruiting him and was glad when he joined the class but now that he's gone, there's another much needed scholly.
I met his dad on a flight the weekend of A-day. He was headed back home after the game. He was a very nice man. I wanted to ask him about Stadler's chances of playing but couldn't really think of a polite way to ask. I guess I found out my answer.
I know that the knock on Stadler coming into the year (and into the program) was always that (1) he wasn't intense enough, and (2) needed physicial developement. While he's a big guy he wasn't at the strength level that even Shula and staff wanted in him. I'm not sure how that's gone since Saban came in and took over but it doesn't appear that it has panned out.

I wish him luck in whaatever he decides to do now.
Good luck to him. I regret that he felt he needed to leave the finest football institution in the known galaxy though.

My guess is that he could not take the heat.
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