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I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but the University of North Alabama is also playing today for a chance at a National Championship (I'm a senior at UNA for those that are wondering why the heck I care about this. :D ). UNA will be playing NW Missouri St. at 3:00pm on ESPN2. I know....it's the same time as the BAMA/Florida game. :roll: I was praying for the 12:00 game, but oh well. I think it is awesome that Alabama and North Alabama after today could both be playing for a national title in DI and DII. If you're watching the BAMA game and it goes to commercial, maybe you could flip over to ESPN2 and at least catch the score. :D


reger60 said:
The title of this thread promised "something of interest." I'm sorely disappointed. :wink:

Well, it would have been much more interesting if both my teams had won today. :wink:

This was a rough day. Think about how upset you are that BAMA can't play for a national title this year, ten multiply that by 2. :cry:
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