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Speaking of Ole Miss, they lost one of their prized signees in DL Jerrell Powe the other day. Or are about to lose him anyway. He's another non-qual and is looking at heading to Miami now.

Coach Mongo's recruiting classes have looked really nice on paper the last couple of years. Only problem is that 1/2 or more of them will never put on an Ole Miss uniform.
That was one of the stories. It seems that Powe has been cleared to enter Ole Miss after all.

Heck, if I were an admissions officer and The Ogre came after me, I'd probably do what he wanted me to do real quick like
My bad. I missed that in the links. The second link up there was an error page. I couldn't even get into it.

That's interesting. A day or two after mentioning Miami Powe somehow gets cleared. Hmmmm? I'm sure it's all legit though. you know, considering Powe is a really smart kid and all. :|
He has not been cleared by the NCAA yet. He states that he feels good about it but has yet to be fully cleared. He does however get to work with the team for 14 days. The dude is a total beast.
Yeah, I heard that as well regarding Powe. For some reason I get all of Ole Miss sports' e-mails. If it was Auburn I'd think it was a cruel joke, but it's Ole Miss. ;scr

So, if any of you need any Ole Miss news just let me know. :roll:
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