| FTBL So how good is Florida really??

I'm trying to have a very unbiased opinion on this subject but I just seem to keep zeroing in on a couple things that are not very clear with them. One how good really is their offense? I mean they run alot of misdirection and screens but i mean if you look at all the points they have put up and then look at the teams it has been on its teams that pretty much don't have much to play for, also they are not really good defensive teams with speed..honestly teams such as georgia and kentucky that we beat earlier in the season when there was much more for them to play for. I just cant be convinced that they are that good...and i do have alot of belief in our defense in particular that they have not seen anything as good as it yet. Just wondering what you all thought.
I think our defense can hold them. Our offense is going to have to be on its a-game Any team can win on any given saturday but there is noway they can hang 50+ points on us we win by at least a touchdown
How good is Florida :?: IMO, they are playing better football right now than anybody...as for stopping their offense...good luck with that...My feeling is you would have to get penetration and blow-up these misdirection plays and the whole running game...or atleast enough to take them out of rythem...along with pressuring Tebow. I dont think any defense can keep the receivers under wraps for too long...too much talent, depth, and speed..BTW, did I mention speed :?: They have more playmakers than any team in college football that I have ever seen on the offensive side of the ball...Oh yea..that defense aint too shabby either.
Florida is really good, there's no way to even debate this. They get a lot of hype, but at this point they deserve it. Don't even try and convince yourself that they are overrated.

We can definitely beat them, we just have to bring our best game.
I have watched UF since the sixties. This is the most talented well coached team they have ever had. SOS had some great ones but not with the discipline, Def, and special teams play. SOS had speed many years but nothing that compares with this team. Fla has a freshman corner, redshirt freshman safety and soph corner. They are all outstanding. Fla's secondary is making the whole D look good. Bamas best offense is run right at them and not try to beat them to the corners much. Play action passes with short routes.
Julio early on some fades I guess. Fla starts out very quickly so stop them early. IF I had to bet my money its on UF. Please come to Atlanta UNDEFEATED and we will take care of hafazzU
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