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Excellent deer hunting. And in my opinion, South Texas provides the all around best whitetail hunting experience in North America. The numerous large private ranches there with great herd management practices make for some really great hunting. And I’m not just talking about huge antlers though they’re a bunch of bucks with them … it’s also the number of big bucks you’ll see … plus the great ratio of bucks to does allows you to witness some great action in the lead up to the rut … and the great hospitality of the folks from there … all combine to make it a hunter’s haven. And up until the past few years, it had provided me with a good opportunity to talk some college football smack with the locals. If Bama loses to A&M this Saturday I might have to hunt Saskatchewan this year instead. Those folks couldn’t care less about college sports. So, I’ll talk about their women versus our Southern ladies. That’s the equivalent of a Bama fan talking smack to a small town middle school football team. It’s a wonder men who aren’t hunting visit the area and a bigger wonder why men live there? No amount of great buck hunting can overcome that issue.
I did forget one other thing.


I did forget one other thing.

I go out to New Mexico every year and chase Merriam Turkey's. Blew by that last year on the way home. My hunting buddy's in-laws (From T-town) had just been out west and stopped in there. Said it was the worst steak they ever had. Definite tourist trap.
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