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This is absolutely the truth and feel free to share it.

I have seen THE MAN - Nick Saban up close and in action. I was in Tuscaloosa Sunday and Monday and got to see some summer work-outs. All I can say is that it was absolutely the most intense thing I've ever seen for a summer work-out. At the beginning, Saban gave about a 15-20 minute talk. He began with "if you are not looking at me when I talk, you are not listening, and if you are not listening, we have a problem". Two times he stopped and pointed out players that were not listening. He went on to talk about finishing what you start, dedication, motivation, becoming a better person and football player, etc. After it was over, I was ready to dress out and hit somebody or get hit by somebody.

The players then went outside and immediately began running and going through drills. Within 20 minutes, I saw three players puke - many more to do the same later that afternoon and the next day. Saban marched around the field among the players barking instructions to the players and coaches. Ron Middleton never quits yelling in his deep voice. Kirby Smart was yelling instructions the entire time. Even baby-face Major Applewhite was in players faces yelling instructions. Then there is the drill sergeant, Scott Cochran, who never, ever lets up. Cochran was standing near a player who was struggling and eventually threw-up in a trash can and Cochran just looked at him for a second or two and then raised both arms with fist clinched as if to say "mission accomplished". You could hear all of the coaches yelling all around the practice field. They were bearing down on the players and never let up. If a player was sitting or squatting down, they made them stand up. If he bent over, they made him stand up straight.

Back to Saban. He walked around the field all day and part of the night for two days. He had an air horn in his hand and kept time like a musician. He would blow the horn for the players to change stations and if they did not sprint to the next station like he thought they should, he would send them back and make them do it again and again. I saw him once yell to a coach "if you are going to show him how to do it, show him how to do it right". Just one of many examples. Also, it is just like people have said, there is no downtime, except for a few water breaks and there is never any wasted time and always in motion. This was the most organized and coordinated "parade" I've ever seen. The best way to put it is TOTALLY INTENSE.

And the thing about this is that this was for 9 - 14 year old boys at football camp. I can only imagine how intense the football program is going to be. I think it is a sign of good things to come. There are 400+ boys at the camp - at least at the beginning. I think some may have called their mommas to come get them. In fact, there were two crying and saying they wanted to go home yesterday. That was just two of about 25 that were in the first aid tent. The camp will be over Wednesday afternoon. A long but good-for-them 3 1/2 days for kids.

Also, Saban also took an individual picture with each kid - Shula never did that in the past. Saban is also out on the field all day until 9 at night when they quit for the day/night - Shula was not seen at camp last year except for about a 5 minute speech at the very beginning. Saban's assistant coaches are very hands-on and do a lot of teaching and disciplining - the assistants last year just walked around and observed. Not to bring up Shula, but just examples of where we were and where are. You really need to see it to believe how impressive it was.
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