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The more I observe and listen to Coach Saban, the more I'm impressed. Bama fans, we have a real winner on our hands. Despite the loss to Georgia, Coach Saban has the Bama Nation believing again...believing that no game is out of reach and that we can really be champions again. Name another team that had a losing record last year with a new coach who is ranked in the Top 25? Bama is back in more ways than one. I listened to a talking head the other day that said Bama winning again is great for college football. Sure it is but this process will take some time. The UGA game was a measuring stick. We really don't have the necessary talent or depth to win the SEC, despite our hopes. But, Coach Saban has inspired the team we do have to play hard, compete for 60 minutes and pay attention to the details that will allow the championships to return. His recruiting top notch athletes will certainly help but it's the change in attitude that's most apparent to me. My Georgia friend and guest in BDS, told me if Bama can compete with his Dawgs now, who've had the same system, coaching staff, and "excellent" recruiting classes over the last five or six years, imagine what they will do next year, and the year after that! I just smiled and winked at him.

If you haven't heard Saban's press conferences, you are missing out. His knowledge of the game, his ability to answer the technical questions, and his vision for the future have really solidified my game day confidence. We may not win Saturday, we may not win 7, 8 or 9 games this year, like most think we should but I can clearly see the foundation being built before my very eyes. Saturday's result was disappointing but I couldn't help leave the stadium with a little smirk on my face. These next few years will really be fun to watch. Our rivals know it too. So, quit worrying and get behind the program. Stop throwing cups and trash on the field, stop questioning our coach's decisions in public, and most importantly, ignore the naysayers...be it on talk radio, the visiting fans on the Quad, your barner father-in-law or next door neighbor. There really is a historical transition happening at the Capstone. Sit back and enjoy the ride!



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Nice post Mr.Denny Chimes.
I see it too.
One just has to look for the right things. :)
What a great time to be an Alabama fan. a$#
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