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Week Zero

8/26 - 7:30 PM ETHawai'iVanderbiltSEC Network
8/31 - 8:00 PM ETSouth DakotaMissouriSEC Network
8/31 - 8:00 PM ETFloridaUtahESPN

If we go strictly by the power rankings I'm starting to put together, and discount home field advantage, Vandy looks to be a touchdown or more favorite on their trip.

I won't venture a guess on South Dakota's spread ... it'll be big.

Utah -5½ to -6 is where I'm seeing the line right now ...

Survivor '23 is open! You'll need to join the pool, select week zero, and take off!

2023 Pick-em Straight up winner! will be launched pretty soon.
@TerryP got a few thing to ask about. Will the pick-em close this Saturday? Because we have two on the 8/31 and then 9/2. Also here is the ones that hasn't pick. @#80, @bamascw, @Justneedme81, @SnakeDoc, @SnakeFan.
At noon, September 2nd, week one closes.
The three games played prior to the 2nd close at kickoff.
You can see the times each choice closes under the game. (You don't see it like that on the pool choices pages...this is a back end image...but you get the picture, right?)

Screenshot 2023-08-21 10.57.34 AM.png
A quick note on the "Straight Up" Pick 'em.

In week one we had two guys who were perfect (16-16, 16 pts) and four who were tied for second place (15-16, 15 points.)

In week two nine were 12 of 14 (12 points,) one with 13 points.

So, to say the least, we have a group tied for 1st, 2nd ...

The way this is set up it's for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd...not for 12K tied for 2nd. I'll switch to the built in leader board in a few weeks ... until then, I'll set up a scoreboard here later on this week.

Week One Results.
Week Two Results.
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