| FTBL Roll Tide Hank!

hank loves the Tide, if you ever go to one of his concerts he will always puts on his Alabama hat and shows it off to the crowd and loves it even more when the concert is in tennessee




he actually tried to come and do the national anthem last year but they already had someone booked. Could you image if he came out and said, Are you ready for some Alabama football :D
BamaDelta said:

I'm sure Doe could have told us how much Hank likes Alabama. :)
BamaDelta, Doe knew all the time. He told me he was keeping this news from you. I ask why? Because he can! :wink:
I've seen quiet a few pics and videos of Hank wearing something Alabama. In his video, I Ain't Goin Peacefully, he's sittin on a dock wearing a 1992 Alabama National Champion shirt. I'll see if I can find it and post it. But when Doe mention that he liked showing his hat off at concerts in Tennessee, that reminded me that Hank's youngest son is a Vols fan. I can imagine what that household is like on the third saturday in October. :D
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