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All of the victories from this season have been a delight to watch, but some were more enjoyable than others. What are your top 12 favorite victories from the regular season? Here are mine:

1. Alabama 36 Auburn 0 - Most fun I've ever had at a football game! I'd be surprised if it's not the unanimous choice for #1.

2. Alabama 29 Tennessee 9 - The second spanking in a row of our 2nd archrival.

3. Alabama 27 LSU 21 - Five years of frustration are over, and it was the most thrilling finish of the year.

4. Alabama 41 Georgia 30- An awesome win in a hostile environment.

5. Alabama 32 Mississippi State 7 - Another losing streak ended and Javier Arenas played a great game.

6. Alabama 34 Clemson 10- This game set the tone for the year.

7. Alabama 24 Ole Miss 20 - It took an awesome defensive stand to win it.

8. Alabama 49 Arkansas 14- The Tide had a bunch of highlight reel touchdowns plus a goal line stand!

9. Alabama 17 Kentucky 14 - A hard-earned SEC victory.

10. Alabama 35 Arkansas State 0- A complete game shutout that was never in doubt.

11. Alabama 20 Tulane 6- Javy had an awesome punt return.

12. Alabama 41 WKU 7- A thorough victory over a weaker opponent.

Roll Tide!
1. Alabama 36 Auburn 0 - I hate Auburn more then anything.

2. Alabama 27 LSU 21 - It was fun beating them with thier old coach and stopping the five game steak

3. Alabama 41 Georgia 30 - They said we didnt have a chance and we proved that wrong.

4. Alabama 29 Tennessee 9 - I just hate Tenn too.

5. Alabama 34 Clemson 10 - Again they said we didnt have a chance and we proved them wrong.

The rest I dont really care about but are in order.

6. Alabama 32 Mississippi State 7

7. Alabama 24 Ole Miss 20

8. Alabama 49 Arkansas 14

9. Alabama 17 Kentucky 14

10. Alabama 35 Arkansas State 0

11. Alabama 20 Tulane 6

12. Alabama 41 WKU 7
1. Alabama 36 Auburn 0- We all knew it was coming, but the complete domination was a thing of beauty.

2. Alabama 41 Georgia 30- Beating them at their place in a rather convincing fashion was nice.

3. Alabama 32 Mississippi State 7- I've said it before... the 2 losses in a row to MSU were more embarrassing than the loss to ULM or the 6 in a row to auburn. Losing to MSU was uncalled for... losing to them TWICE in a row? Downright insulting.

4. Alabama 27 LSU 21- It was nice beating them... BAMA walking out of Tiger Stadium the Victors... just like Old Times.

5. Alabama 34 Clemson 10- To start the year off with a mudholing like that was sweet. All that talk about Harper, Spiller, and Davis leading up to the game... and it was Wilson, Coffee, and Ingram that stole the show and haven't slowed down since.

6. Alabama 29 Tennessee 9- Ho-hum. We renewed our ownership on them last season, so the victory this year doesn't rank as high.

7. Alabama 49 Arkansas 14- Fun game. BAMA was send notice that we won't be relying on FG's against them for wins anymore.

8. Alabama 24 Ole Miss 20- Perhaps our worst game of the year in terms of mistakes, mental errors, and adjustments. Good teams find a way to win those anyway though, and BAMA did.

9. Alabama 17 Kentucky 14- Not a real memorable game. Bad execution for much of the game and some horrid officiating.

10. Alabama 35 Arkansas State 0- Shut out the HC opponent and won easily. Just like it is supposed to be done.

11. Alabama 41 WKU 7- An easy win over a weak opponent. Not much to get excited about other than some younger players got to see some action.

12. Alabama 20 Tulane 6- Came out flat, and the musical chairs on the OL had our offense out of sync all day. Defense and special teams played well.
1. alabama 29 tennessee 9
2. alabama 29 tennessee 9
3. all the rest tied

live in tennesse and can't stand for anything good to happen for the vols. my 6 year old daughter even says "yuck there's one of those Ts" when we see a car with a vols sticker
1. Alabama 36 Auburn 0 - Great to see Bama beating the barn burners convincingly.

2. Alabama 41 Georgia 30- My hatred for Georgia runs deep. It was awesome to see them get crushed in their home.

3. Alabama 29 Tennessee 9 - A great way for Fulmer to finish against Bama.

4. Alabama 27 LSU 21 - After five long years, Bama finally beat LSU and clinched the SEC West.

5. Alabama 34 Clemson 10 - This game showed us how the year would turn out.

6. Alabama 32 Mississippi State 7 - The special teams play was amazing in this game.

7. Alabama 24 Ole Miss 20 - Two words, Flea Flicker!

8. Alabama 49 Arkansas 14 - Two INTs returned for touchdowns and an amazing goal line stand!

9. Alabama 17 Kentucky 14 - A key victory after a big game against Georgia.

10. Alabama 35 Arkansas State 0 - Another great shutout by the Tide.

11. Alabama 20 Tulane 6- A blocked punt and Javy's punt return set the tone for this game.

12. Alabama 41 WKU 7- A convincing win over a lesser opponent.

I just hope that we can take care of business this Saturday! Roll Tide!
#1. Auburn- we all know why.
#2. Georgia- Grew up a Georgia fan, and stayed with like 10 friends who are huge Georgia fans. To be in the season ticket holders area, standing the whole time screaming my head off was the most fun I've had at a football game.
here's mine....

1. Auburn - It was so sweet to shut them out and finally shut up all that 6 in a row garbage.

2. Tennessee - We put a nail in the coffin of Fulmer's career at UT.

3. Georgia - All the blackouts in the world couldn't change the fact that we had the better team....and boy did we show it! :)

4. LSU - The Tigers heart's weren't in it enough. Maybe next time they'll come to win, not to just get back at Nick Saban.

5. Clemson - Preseason hype had them as a top 10 team, but on gameday, Bama stold the show! :)

6. Ole Miss - They beat Florida, but didn't beat us. That's always a positive and something to hold over the heads of the Gators.

7. Mississippi State - The end of another another streak..it let the team breathe easier going into the Iron Bowl

8. Arkansas - A lot of questions remained going into this game. How would Bama perform in their first SEC game of the year? They showed up and ate some hogs for dinner..49-14.

9. Kentucky - Everyone was saying "UK has a good defense, they're gonna beat Bama"...but one more time, Bama proved the critics wrong and won the ballgame.

10. Western Kentucky - The Tide proved that they CAN play well against the lesser opponents. It gave the team a little boost.

11. Arkansas State - The Red Wolves have a pretty good offense, but Bama shut it down.

12. Tulane - Though it was a struggle at times, we still won the game

1. Auburn - Can't get much better than a Barner beat down 6 years in waiting.
2. LSU - Loved walking out of Baton Rouge with the west title.
3. Georgia - A hyped up matchup that turned into a blowout, was a incredible feeling watching that game.
4. Tennessee - Got to beating down the Vols two years in a row.
5. The rest...

Potential #1 - Florida.
1.Bama 36 - Auburn 0..One of the BEST days of my life! (so far)
2.Bama 27 - LSU 21..I truly detest their fans!
3.Bama 41 - GA-30..wearing BLACK to their OWN funeral was PRICELESS!! :lol:
4.Bama 29 - TN 9..See Ya Phil!
The rest?? Just icing on the cake!
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