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Love it! They are crapping in their pants :lol:
I think we will be seeing a new OC at the barn next year if things don't improve. The sarcastic comments about their O line and OC are GRRRRREAAAAATE :o
Ga overrated...pfftt. Ga will beat their eyes out. Poor barners. We will see just how good of a coach wing-nut is, although I think we already know how good of a coach he is.
A buddy of mine went to the barn game this weekend and all he could say was that it was very relaxing and he ate a steak. To me, that speaks volumes. He knows they suck. He's not talking about our "issues" so much anymore.
No way bammer is playing good offense, they can't possibly be playing good offense. Their linemen are not in a two point stance. They aren't bobbing up and down after they line up. They don't have forty different people on the sidelines waving their arms up and down and back and forth. They don't have their qb in the shotgun all the time. They aren't throwing a lot of passes one or two yards down the field and they certainly don't have Hal Mumme's offensive coordinator. No way they're playing good offense.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
They're only worried about us, Ole Miss and Vandy? From what I've seen out of em so far, they need to worry about almost everyone they have left to play! They're gonna get killed by Ga. They think UGA's overrated??? I'm thinking maybe, oh I don't know...they are! :roll:

It's a good feeling knowing they're already sweating. :lol:
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