| FTBL Polls? Are we where we should be?

Are we where we should be in the polls?

  • No, we have yet to beat anybody.

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  • No, we are underrated and should be higher.

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  • Yes, but we may be a little overrated.

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I picked that I like where we're at. I think it's fitting for what we've done this year. Maybe move up a spot if we beat Ark. I'd like to finish between 10-15. I'd love to finish higher than 10, but there's a ton of football left. JMO.
I said no we shoudl be higher. I mean come on.. UGA Barely beat USC. they they beat La monroe and UCF...

Tennesee is 1-1 they lost to Florida. and ALMOST to UAB.

Notre Dame is 16, sure they beat a top ten ranked team ( although it was an over rated team) but then they lost to an UNRANKED team. Who didn't even move up as high as they stayed. I think Bama and ND should switch places :D

Man I love these red shades :D
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