| FTBL Oklahoma Goes Down. Looks Like The Texas Doubters...........


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kind of overlooked the Longhorns. Texas will move
up or jump to number 1 with the big win over
the Sooners. I thought the Sooners would win BUT
this is a crazy year and who know's ??? Interesting,
very interesting. This is the reason that it doesn't
matter who's number 1 until after the season. Texas
45 Oklahoma 35 Congrats to the Longhorns and hope we
meet you or the next big thing for the NCAA National
Championship. :ele

RTR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are right good win but I dont know if they jump from 5 to 1 cause who else have they beat, well no one. So if lsu loses and missouri losses wins close bama should be 1 texas 2 missouri 3 and so on.....
I sure didn't see Texas beating OU. I thought OU's D was much better than what they showed today. Shows how much I know...

BTW, those chaps on the Texas cheerleaders are HOT!
sooners #1 ?

i guess sooners don't deserve to be # 1
That there is why defense and a running game
wins championships, neither team had either.

ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!
Texas played well today but they also were the recipient of a few questionable calls. All of that side, they did beat the #1 team in the country and looked good doing so. We are the unfortunate recipients of the off week skip award I fear. Texas goes to #1 we stay at #2, just my humble opinion of course. :roll:
Tideboy said:
BTW, those chaps on the Texas cheerleaders are HOT!

I'm going to correct your pic foul this time, but next time, I'm throwing a flag.

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