| FTBL Off topic: Is anyone else having trouble with Mozilla...


logging in and staying logged in? I figure, someone has figured out the trick.

Sorry to post this on the football forum...move it if it needs to be...

IF someone has figured out the answer, pls PM me.
I've been wondering about this myself. I log in and make a post or 2 and i surf around and the next thing i know i have to log in again. Whats going on and how can i correct it?
Dang, still having trouble huh. Let me go see about getting you some help on it. I don't have the subject knowledge but I'll find someone that does and we'll see if we can't do something about it.
I used to have issues with this, and also signing in but not being able to access certain forums, and not being able to view attachments. After I renewed/updated my Zone Alarm Security Suite a few months back though everything has worked fine. It fixed quite a few odd bugs that kept occurring when I was using Firefox.
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