| MBB/WBB đźŹ€ No. 2/2 Alabama Slips Past South Carolina in Overtime, 78-76

We are not inconsistent night-in night-out. We had a bad game shooting from 3 today for sure. If you go back and look at our close games or losses, they all have a theme. There are usually 2 reasons we lose the game.

1) Lot of Turnovers - we turn the ball over more than 19 times on average during a loss.

2) Opponent Playing Above Metrics - the other team is just hot, their shooting percentage is nearly 5-10% higher than normal which is not the norm for those teams.

I wouldn't worry about this team, this is a resilient road win where things were out of their hands. They didn't commit a ton of turnovers, just SC was shooting above their % all game, and still lost.
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