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Rockne - Frank Leahy - Lombardi - Mickey Corcoran - Bill Parcells - Bill Belichick - Nick Saban

According to this, if you can see my logic, Saban was meant to be at 'Bama all along. :lol:

In a certain way that is not too far removed from reality. We once again have a man coaching our team that has knowledge passed down to him in a direct and traceable line from Knute Rockne.

Allow me to elaborate. Stick with me, it gets dicey.

Frank Leahy was Rockne's protégé, played under him and learned how to coach from him.

Lombardi was one of the "Seven Blocks of Granite" on the offensive line at Fordham while Leahy was the coach there and many say that this is where Lombardi's style of coaching was derived from, from Leahy.

Lombardi's favorite player at St. Cecilia’s was a guy named Mickey Corcoran. Corcoran became a high school football coach in New Jersey and his "pet" player was a kid named Bill Parcells.

Mickey Corcoran, it is said, passed on all of Lombardi's coaching techniques, lessons, and even plays, on to these high school boys, and Parcells is said to have soaked it in like a sponge.

Parcells protégé was, of course, Bill Belichick.

Coach Saban was DC under Belichick in Cleveland back in the early to mid 90's.

On a side note, if you want a solid and quick tree, a tree that oozes power, how about this one:

Knute Rockne - Frank Thomas - Bear Bryant - Gene Stallings.

Straight descent, undiluted. None of that Kevin Bacon routine with this tree.
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