| FTBL McFadden arrested,???

TideAlum05 said:
You posted it but didn't read it?

Outlaw said:
Reading does a body good.

He didn't get arrested...

Read the whole thing prior to posting, hince the question marks. Did you know that in most state you are technically under arrest the moment you're place in handcuffs? Whether you're booked or not is another story.
I'd say being "detained" is different from "arrest."

Both withdraw your right to free movement.

If handcuffs are put on, that doesn't necessarily mean you are under arrest.

And just because you are arrested doesn't mean they "have to read you your rights."
Police have to read you your Miranda rights after they take you into custody, but before any interrogation takes place. A person is considered to be "in custody" anytime they are placed in an environment in which they don't think they are free to leave.

Obviously, DMac wasn't taken "in custody".
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