| FTBL March 3, 2009


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March 3, 2009 is the Alabama and Auburn baketball game that is played in Tuscaloosa this year. My question is, is this still the time that they give us the Iron Bowl Trophy? I was a student out there in 1994 and at half time of the basketball game they have to give us the Iron Bowl Trophy at half court. It was great. They kept it at the Ferg that year and I would go and see it any time I was in that general area. (Meaning anywhere on campus.) So anyway I am glad to see her finally coming home where she belongs. God knows, the Barners probably got mildew on her after leaving her at a trailer too long. Anyway its like a long lost friend and I want to be there to welcome her home.... And of btw We have a basketball team! :shock:
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