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What are the chances that he leaves for the Houston job?? If he does leave where are some places we might look to hire a new O coordinator?
This is just the beginning of opportunities for Applewhite. If he gets the offer and doesn't take it there will probably be another one next year and the year after and on and on.

There will be better opportunities than Houston in my mind though. What I think Major needs now is development. What better place to do that than under Nick Saban? Sometimes young coaches take the leap to head coaching too soon. Even if he were to wait another few years, he'd still only be mid-30's and much more experienced. I'd say now is too soon.

Of course I'm a little partial in all of this. :)
I think he stays for awhile. As the talent comes in and developes we will see him turn into a really good offensive coordinator. We lack the talent and speed (overall in both) to execute the offense they want, IMHO.
I, like everyone else, hope he stays a little while longer as well, but Houston certainly is no Rice.

Houston could be a good move for him if he has what it takes to be a HC. Thing is, if he were to take it and fall on his face he already has a good rep as an OC. He might be the next Bob Stoops..........he may be the next Mike Dubose. Either way he still will have a pocket full of money. Sure it has taken Dubose several years, but rumor has it he has a shot at Southern Miss. Granted he wasn't what Alabama needed, but you can't deny he is a decent coach..............I digress.

If CMA takes the job then good for him. I hope he is successful. If he is not he will always be able to go to a bigtime D1 program and be an OC.

My dream situation would be for him to coach under CNS for about 3 more years. In 3 years we win the MNC, then CMA goes to a mid major like Houston. Coach there for about 4-5 years and turns the mid major into a head turner of a program. CNS gets ready to retire and CMA comes in as HC at the age of 35 and plans on coaching us for the next 25 years!!!!!!!!!!!
Playing apprentice for a few years sounds reasonable.
He is already coaching ahead of his peers, which means that he has less experience building a solid foundation than most. Further, he has one year experience being an OC on the major college level, and that was with having Pendry as training wheels.

Coach Bryant was once asked how he became the great coach that he was, to which he replied "...because I have already made all the mistakes...." CMA has very little in his rearview to draw upon. Without senior mentors to help steer him CMA will see a much more difficult time.
I think all coaches at the major college and NFL levels are confident/arrogant and don't ever consider that they aren't ready to take the next step. Maybe I'm wrong but I bet Major sees Houston as a place he can "learn" on the job instead of under another HC.

If I were him I'd take it. If things don't work out you can always climb the coaching ladder again, something he seems very good at.
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