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What would you say is the characteristic of this team that stands out the most to you?

I will say: Physicality

Coach Saban's warning on his arrival here was that he was going to create a team that other teams didn't want to play, or something like that. I am not big on direct quotes.

All of you remember the statements here and there after the Georgia game don't you? I think Matt Stafford said something about having a hard time walking the next day, and there were several others.

Alabama totally dominated Clemson, it isn't even hardly worth mentioning because it was so obvious to all who saw it.

After games are over, opposing players seem flabbergasted at the grinding, non-stop, overpowering dominance and sheer strength of this team.

Premier offensive line, amazingly effective defensive line, power running backs, blocking and "catching" tight ends, young superstar linebackers that are hungry and fundamentally sound players, some of the best DB's in the SEC, a QB that has morphed into a Barkeresque clone who just wins, freshmen RB's that are throwbacks to old time ball when running backs hit and trampled, not ducked and dodged, etc...

This a team, a band of brothers, a battle tested group of men that will be seeing nothing they can't handle when they walk on the field at Red Stick.

They are in shape, they don't suck wind like their lungs have been punctured 2 minutes into the 4th quarter.

They are not sniping and blaming each other for mistakes, they just change it and do it right the next time. It was no one's fault, it is just something that needs to be fixed.

If you look at the stats for 'Bama, we are #1 in a couple of categories such as rushing and defending the rush.

'Bama has only allowed one rushing TD all year and allow a mere 65 yards a game, on the ground, by opponents. This is good enough for a ranking of 2nd nationally and 1st in the SEC.

On the other side of the ball, Alabama is averaging a staggering 205 yards a game, on the ground, in the SEC. Outstanding. This is good enough for the #1 spot in the SEC.

Think about that. We run the ball when we damn well want to and you aren't going to run the ball on them, period.

'Bama scores an average of 32 points a game, while allowing an average of only 12.(6th in the nation on the latter)

In total defense, we are 4th in the nation and 2nd in the SEC. Damn you, South Carolina. Hey, I thought Spurrier was QB coach, why is their defense so good?

You know what, people have a reason to not want to play Alabama. They are trouble and they are consistently bringing their game with them.

LSU, here comes 'Bama, get ready.

This ain't Shula's 'Bama, this isn't even Saban's 1st year 'Bama. This team is an ugly monster getting uglier by the week.

They are going to put you down and they are mainlining swagger and confidence with every win. By the time they meet those flashy and fast Gator's in HotLanta, they will be a bruising and power infused team the likes of which the nation hasn't seen since the late 70's.

That's right everyone, I am officially off of the rational bandwagon. I am going to enjoy this #1 ranking for every last bit of enjoyment that 'Bama fans deserve after all these years.

Roll Tide!!!!
This may surprise some of you but I'm going to say FOCUS.

Sure, during the second half of some of our games, the team hasn't looked that good but to this point we are 9-0, and being undefeated in the SEC at this point during the season takes focus.

So far the team has taken Saban's message of taking one game at a time to heart. We played Ole Miss and Kentucky at crucial times during the season, each game being much closer then expected, but the team managed to put W's in the book and thats all that matters.

The real test of Focus starts now that we are atop the rankings. How will the team respond to being #1? Hopefully with another W. :wink:
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