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elbatider said:
bammer1684 said:
just placed us at number two also(in addition to Herby).

We are cursed for sure, cause none of them no anything about the game of football. Of course that could mean we really are #1 :D

Good point, I share your sentiment. I first became worried before the game when Corso picked Bama, luckily we avoided that curse.
elbatider said:
Porter said:
Herbie is the best in the business IMO.

I do like Herbie, but not his employer or the other jokes that he works with.

I'm not fan of the network, but other than Herbie, i think May does a good job. he has gotten better with time. As a host Rece does a great job. Fowler has always gotten on my nerves. Obviously Holtz is a biased fool. Corso has a role to play, so you have to pretty much take anything he says or does with a grain of salt. He is more of a character now than an analyst. I know he drives folks crazy, but he doesn't bother me. Folks just have to understand his role. People take him much more seriously than he takes himself.
Corso is like Dick Vitale in the way they both put on an act to keep their jobs. An act that's getting old if you ask me. I don't have a problem with May or Herby, Desmond gets on my nerves though, and the only problem i have with Lou is that Notre Dame can do no wrong no matter what. I have noticed that as a whole they have got a lot better in no being biased against the SEC like they have for the past couple of years.
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