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I tried to tape the game because I had to go check on family that night... I got home and realized I taped the wrong channel. Please help me!!!!

Thanks and RTR!!!!


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Here is one link: Arkansas Game 9-15-07

It cost $40.00 and includes The Coach Saban Show and player interviews, but the broadcast is from the Crimson Tide Network and not ESPN.

You may want to send an e-mail to Simon Bott and simon@tidefans.com and see if he has it yet. If he does it should be the ESPN broadcast. He charges 10.00 for DVD's and has many more games available. There is a list on the Game Swap forum on this site.
Just click on the thread that says Bama Tapes and DVDS.


rhitson, check in our BAMA Tape, Gaming and Ticket Forum here on the site first and see if we have it.

bigdaddy51200 handles the game DVDs and tapes. Private message him to see if he copied it the other day. If he did you can get it from him for more like $10.
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