| FTBL Les Miles is a mad man

I don't care what the announcers said. If the pass fell incomplete, the clock would have stopped at one second, just like it did when the TD was scored. I don't know why they kept saying the clock would have run out. Incomplete passes stop the clock.

I don't think Miles expected that last play to develop quite as slowly as it did.
Les Miles is an idiot. He was clueless about how much time was really left. Did you see after the game. If that pass would have been incomplete there he would have been with a time out left and no time left in the game. He is just very very lucky. But it worked so now he is a genius.
How is Dorsey? I didn't stay glued to the game so I don't know if he came back in or not.

He took a pretty nasty cheap shot from one of AU's lineman.
He is an idiot who got very lucky....against probably the other luckiest coach I've ever seen. Two gamblers - very similar but this gamble on the clock time was unwise and brainless. I think his luck will run out of Nov. 3rd!
RollTide1980 said:
Smartest idiot in the world!!
He is the best clueless coach in football, in my humble opinion.

LSU looks VERY beatable in my opinion, in respect to the Bama game


Exactly my thoughts...about Miles and about LSU's beatability. I don't have a problem with that last call. On an incomplete pass, he would not have to call a timeout. The clock stops on an incomplete pass. He still would have had one second to try a FG.
I like our chances, they are barely winning these games, and beating Auburn they flew by the seats of their pants. Its hardly the dominating team it was at the beginning of the season.

I daresay their season is reminding me of the Shula 05 season, where they get worse and worse as the season goes along and begun winning on luck. Not saying we arent any different, but we seem to be improving too, so Nov 3 could be interesting.
Porterhouse said:
He is a bag of hammers with a headset who somehow manages to win games in spite of himself.

Quote of the year in respect to this clown!

Make no mistake I HATE Auburn, but LSU doesn't even deserve to win with his nut behind the wheel.

I'm FIRED UP about the LSU-Bama game now. 2 weeks ago LSU looked like the New England Patriots, now I see holes all over the place.

If that game comes down to a "battle of the minds" Saban will run circles around Miles. Once Miles has to start coaching HIS PLAYERS, LSU will be down at the BOTTOM of the West like they were years ago.

I don't think "feel sorry" is the right word b/c I'm GLAD Auburn lost, but Miles is such a "empty headset" it's almost sad his dumb luck has to continue.

Keep in mind, they would have "probably" defeated UK if they didn't run a bonehead draw play on 4 and 3"ish"

Guys like Jacob Hester & Dorsey are SO tough and such winners it's sad that Miles does his best to BLOW IT for them!!

I LOVED when Holly Rowe was like,

..."Take us through that last timeout before the final play." LOL! Granted she screwed up, but it was almost like SHE KNEW they should have called timeout! LOL!

Miles says some crap like, "Well...uh...if he would have dropped it we'd have called timeout. We still had 16 seconds." LOL! Come again?????

16 seconds???? When they called they play they had 16 seconds.

Maybe the "king of time management" will bring his game to Bryant-Denny! LOL!

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