| FTBL Just got an e-mail from AU to buy additional season tix



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Yes, my barner hubby buys AU season tickets and I buy Alabama ones. :shock:

Anyway, can you believe? Sending out an e-mail offering additional season tickets? You know what that means....they didn't sell them all. :D I'd do back flips if Alabama sent out an e-mail like that. Even in the lean years of Shula I never got an e-mail like that.

This just really gave me a laugh. :lol:


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AlaphaMale said:
Yet, they continue to talk of expanding their stadium.....
Actually their AD shot that down last week, says not in the near future! Its interesting to goto some AU boards and see people talking about expansions, but some realistic fans laugh and say why?


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I want some Alabama email loving

Like now .. :( we need to add another BDS to BDS .. that'll solve the problems just flip it upside down and sit it on top.
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