| MBB/WBB đźŹ€ In other NCAA basketball action—Conference Championship Weekend

Gonzaga winning the WCC shouldn't come as a shock. Beating a top 20 St. Mary's team by 26 ...

It seems like yesterday when you could look at FSU and see a contender: they're out, round one of the ACCT. So is Notre Dame. :crying:

I'm guessing there's 10-12 teams whose "ticket has been punched." Charleston joined that group last night with the 'Zags. I believe there were four or five finals last night.
I thought this was a pretty tacky move...

Very tacky and I hope at this point their identity is exposed. On the flip side, it’s sorta ironic that they were obviously doing it for attention, and Team Simpleton Media Bros made sure to give it to them. One thing this whole ordeal has done is shine the light on a lot of bad actors… some fans, some media.
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