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bamabear323 said:
bear facts said:
Their secondary came to play.

Excellent work on a couple tip drills, and there was some head hunting going on, too.

Congrats to the Maroon Dogs!

that tailback didn't look too shabby, either. :shock:

Nixon or Dixon, I think is his name.....and if I am not mistaken he is from Alabama.
Atlanta_Tider said:
BamaDelta said:
bamafan850 said:
Im holding back my big laugh til after tne Bama game.

me too!
Did your barner goto the game?? Maybe you should come over here to watch our game tonight!

Nope, I have a big b'day coming up :?, and he surprised me with a long weekend away. He took care of all details. This middle class Alabamian is at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota with all the hob-knobs. We've been at the beach all day. I hope the beach jinx doesn't come back to haunt me. :shock:
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