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in the Atlanta airport on my way home yesterday. They thought it was right on the money and commented that they wish their home media had the stones to point out waht is obvious to a sports writer from another state.

But McFadden and his backfield mate, Felix Jones, are stuck in this Pee Wee league offense, where they try to figure out every goofy way imaginable to get these guys the ball. As if simply turning around and handing it to them isn't enough.

Really, it's like Pee Wee ball, where you have that one kid on the team who's clearly better than everybody else and you come up with every scheme imaginable to let that kid touch the ball. The problem is the guys on defense aren't in the Pee Wee league, so that nonsense only works every now and then, and often backfires altogether. But that doesn't deter Nutt and the boys.

The Arkansas coaches have McFadden playing running back, quarterback, kick returner and on-the-field offensive coordinator. You half expect him to trot out and knock through an extra point or two.

Then you've got quarterback Casey Dick, who must be wondering just what in the world he's supposed to do in such a setup. Every fifth play, he's on the sidelines. And then people wonder why he's not playing very well.

It's maddening to watch the kind of talent Arkansas has be wasted. And that's coming from me. It must be head-bangingly frustrating for Razorback fans.

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Does Arkansas play Georgia this year? After reading that I hope they do, and I hope McFadden scores 3 running TD's, 2 passing TD's, 1 receiving TD, a two point conversion, and a field goal just to be spiteful to that guy! :twisted:

I feel stupid for saying this now, but I thought it was a Georgia newspaper considering you said the A word. Anyway McFadden is as good as promised, and if I was a coach, I'd try my darnedest to get him the ball in any occasion.
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josh moon is a dolt. end of story.

And so is his daddy. Another story.

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