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Hi my name is Eric...when I was 8 years old, I would have my sister grab and rip my cut off t-shirt as I ran by her. I knew I was addicted to Johnny Musso and Tide football.

By emcdan
I used to trick my little brother into diving over the pile of grass clippings toward me so I could knock the crap out of him a la Barry Krauss!
I used to take a white t-shirt and write, "Stacy 27" on the back and run around the house like Siran.

I remember when I was in grade school we were making ginger bread men Christmas ornaments, and I put "27" on the front and back. This was Christmas 1989.
I still put that ornament on the tree!

Good times!


4th-and-1 said:
i remember reading a post about someone on here stiff-arming an elderly lady at work because he was so pumped up..

i laughed for two days after reading that.

That would be Birmingham....I rolled on that one as well. He has it in his sig under a pic of Mark Ingram running track in high school. Manbeast! :shock:
While vacationing in Gulf Shores as a kid, I used to wade out and slam into the oncoming waves like I was hitting the line with full force.

I also used to have my sister kick me in the knees until I could no longer stand the pain - just so I could have the same gameday experience as Joe Willie. :D
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